2k48 Tower
The new level of 2048 logic game

Challenge your brain and combine numbers to get a 2k48! Match numbers with the same value, make a 2k48 and unlock a special bonus. 

How to play:
- Match numbers with the same value
- Build Big Turrets
- Collapse your tower with Block Fall
- Make a 2k48 block to unlock a special bonus

Drag Away
Try out this "endless" game and beat others with your ninja reflex!

WARNING! Do not play with sticky fingers! :-) Get some talcum powder and your finger will be lightning fast!

Do you want more than one dot design? Let us know!

How to Play
● Tap and hold your finger anywhere on the screen
● Move your dot
● Avoid obstacles
● Pick up Stars, Double Stars and the Deadly Serious Stars
● Reach your High Score game by game
● The end is up to you...

Our newest game will challenge you!

Enjoy this endless match game from Fallen Fingers and play for free! Collect as many blocks as you an by positioning the falling pair of it to the right place. You can swipe left, right, up and down to move the bottom grid of blocks. In Color mode, you have a chance to collect a whole column or row by leaving the same color next to each other (in a row or in a column) and collecting one of them.

Do you need more challenge? Try out the Number mode as a difficult version of the game. In this mode you need to collect the exact same number of blocks that you'll see each blocks.

Be the Bigst! Build the Bigst!

Can you be the Bigst?
How fast can you make yourself the Bigst of the Human entity?
Let's play with this block-building game, and hit your limits, make it bigger than others!

Just tap, and your tower gets bigger and bigger!